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Breath Workshop

  • 60 US dollars
  • Southeast Mile Hill Drive

Service Description

Breath Teachings from the Himalayan Mountains. What you will learn: How your breath affects your body How to heat and cool the body How to excite and calm the mind We breathe everyday. Most of the time we do not think about it, it just happens. We are not conscious of it. There are so many things we are not actively thinking about, but they are happening. The moment we become conscious of our breath we become more aware. As the breath steadies the inner world begins to wake up and in return the outer world becomes more vibrant and alive. To increase in awareness allows us to be present in the moment, so that we can see and experience the wholeness of life, as it is. Meaning If we become anxious and know how the breath ulters the body, you can bring yourself out of anxiety. It works to create or just a small shift. This grand shift happens with time. Just like the river takes time to carve out a mountain, it will have a lasting effect. By understanding the breath we can instantly create a shift in our world. The essence of the breath is known as Pavan. It brings with it the gift of life. Guru Nanak teaches “Pavan Guru Pani Pita” The breath is the teacher, the father.” Most of our body functions without our thought; our heart, digestions, and skin reproduction organs. Thank god they did, right! 33 trillion cells, according to the yogic text, pulsing and moving without you thinking about it. This leads to some questions. Like what are thoughts and their purpose? The body and mind are vessels, are tools that can be trained to behave and perceive reality. But they are limited. That essence that is our highest self sustains us. It is the same in me and in you. It created you, letting you experience now and will be there after you die. It is taught that asana, breath work, and mantra can help us drop our attachments, our concepts and perceptions. That we can live and access that connection to our highest self. We are not cells, we are not thoughts, we are that which is aware of all of these things. To read further please follow the link below:

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  • Orchard Roots Yoga and Fitness, Southeast Mile Hill Drive, Port Orchard, WA, USA